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Air compressor management instructions

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Air compressor management instructions


Air compressor is the most power resource used in the 21st century, basically all walks of life need to use air compressor, so the normal operation of air compressor is the key to protect the interests of users.


1. Strictly implement the safe operation regulations, environmental protection rules and regular preventive test regulations of power air compressor;


2. Collect all kinds of inspection records, daily maintenance, fault repair and other repair records, make statistics, sorting and analysis, explore the causes and rules of faults, and formulate maintenance countermeasures;


3. Take corresponding countermeasures and measures to improve the technical status of air compressor. Improve the standards and systems, and constantly improve the management level of air compressor maintenance status;


4. Establish the original basis of air compressor maintenance status management. It includes the original performance indexes such as capacity index, accuracy index and operation characteristic of air compressor, relevant technical characteristic indexes, characteristic parameter indexes of air compressor maintenance status information, etc;


5. Establish the working standard of air compressor maintenance status management. Including air compressor operation procedures, maintenance procedures, inspection procedures and condition inspection and monitoring procedures, etc;


6. Establish air compressor management rules and regulations and work flow. Including air compressor maintenance, inspection, planned maintenance, fault management, key air compressor management and other rules and regulations, assessment and examination methods, and the content, form and process of relevant basic work;


7. Implement the operation regulations and maintenance system of air compressor. Reasonable use of air compressor, correct and reasonable lubrication of air compressor, careful maintenance of air compressor;


8. Implement air compressor inspection system. Including daily inspection of all production air compressors, lifting air compressors and power air compressors, regular performance inspection of key production air compressors and regular accuracy inspection of precision air compressors, and mastering the technical status information of air compressors;


9. Regularly check the air compressor in good condition, precision test and special vessel test, etc;


10. The diagnosis technology is used to detect the status of the air compressor, and the actual technical status of the air compressor is mastered in time, so as to provide accurate information basis for the status maintenance of the air compressor;


11. Patrol inspection shall be carried out according to the inspection points and inspection routes of the air compressor. The abnormal symptoms and hidden dangers found in the inspection shall be eliminated or repaired in a planned way in time to control and reduce the occurrence of faults;


12. Analyze, handle and repair the sudden faults (including accidents) according to the regulations, and make records.





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