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How to repair and maintain air compressor spare parts?

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How to repair and maintain air compressor spare parts?

With the rapid development of industry, air compressors have become an indispensable part of modern industry. Even household appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners have air compressors as their core components. Industrial air compressors usually require maintenance of accessories at certain intervals after being put into use to ensure normal operation. Understanding what air compressor accessories are and how to do air compressor repair and maintenance work can improve the service life of the air compressor and enable it to serve people's work and life with high quality for a long time.

How to repair and maintain air compressor spare parts?

Maintenance of air compressor accessories needs to be carried out regularly to keep the equipment clean, oil-free and dirt-free. The specific precautions are as follows --

1. Check the lubricating oil twice a day to ensure that the oil level remains at or between the two red lines of the oil sight glass.

2. Change the air compressor oil in the crankcase regularly. Generally speaking, it needs to be replaced every 800 hours of operation, and the engine oil is made of special oil for screw air compressors.

3. Clean the intake valve and exhaust valve regularly and ensure annual cleaning. The specific method is to disassemble the air valve, remove the carbon deposits, and perform a comprehensive maintenance on the main engine. Check the matching clearance of the main running parts. If the wear is excessive, replace it.

4. Regularly remove the dirt in the gas storage tank, and discharge the dirt at least once every 10 hours of operation. Open the drain valve at the bottom of the gas storage tank and let the air compressor run at a pressure of 0.2Mpa for several minutes to drain the air under pressure.

5. Check the reliability of the safety valve and the tightness of the V-belt once a month.

6. The air filter must be cleaned once a month.

In addition to regular maintenance, air compressor repair is also an important part of it. Choose a well-known air compressor brand and your after-sales service will be more guaranteed. Professional technicians will use advanced electronic equipment inspection and diagnostic equipment to find potential problems with parts before major damage, reducing unnecessary downtime.




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