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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts Function Introduction

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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Parts Function Introduction

air filter

The air filter can also be simply called air filter. The main function is to filter the dust in the air entering the system. When the dust in the atmosphere is sucked with the air, it is blocked by the filter element, and the clean air is sucked into the compressor air cavity. The customer should regularly or in advance carry out dust maintenance or replacement of the filter element to ensure the maintenance of Ingersoll Rand air compressor parts according to the dust concentration in the use environment. The function of the filter element directly affects the normal work and service life of the host.

Intake valve

The main function of the intake valve is to control the loading and unloading of the unit, and to control the pressure at the outlet of the compressor within the pressure band set by the computer controller.

Compression host

The main unit is the heart part of the unit. It is composed of a pair of interlocking male and female rotors, bearings, and shaft seals. The air compression process is completed by the main unit.

Oil-gas separation core

The oil-gas separation core is mainly used to separate and remove the oil in the compressed air.

Rotor lubricant

There are three main functions: cooling the host, lubricating bearings and other moving parts, and sealing and compressing process

Oil filter

The role of the oil filter is to filter impurities in the oil into the host to ensure that the host will not wear out quickly;

Oil cooler

The role of the oil cooler is to cool the oil that has absorbed a lot of heat in the host to ensure that the temperature of the oil is low enough to continue to cool the compressed air in the host in the next cycle.

Water inlet pipe (water cooling unit)

The role of the water inlet pipe is to provide cooling water to the air compressor

Outlet pipe (water cooling unit)

The function of the water outlet pipe is to retrieve the water heated by the air compressor for cooling, and circulate it again into the air compressor

Ball valve:

The function of the ball valve is to isolate the exhaust gas of the unit from the compressed air pipe network to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the air compressor

Air outlet pipe:

The pipeline is connected to the user's compressed air pipe network to supply compressed air to the pipe network




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