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Ingersoll Rand Compressors Maintenance in Summer

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Tip 1. Avoid excessive temperature in the station building

The summer weather is hot, and the indoor temperature is already very high, and a variety of electrical equipment in the air compressor station emits a lot of heat, which is very easy to cause the ambient temperature of the machine room to be too high, exceeding the maximum ambient temperature for the safe operation of the air compressor, and easy to cause the machine High temperature alarm, electrical equipment aging and other failures.

Therefore, in summer, special attention should be paid to improving the ventilation system of the air compressor room, adding an exhaust fan to the air compressor room to enhance air circulation, thereby reducing the temperature in the station room. In addition, if the station is relatively small, it needs to be equipped with independent exhaust channels.

Tip 2. Avoid oil shortage of air compressor

1. Regularly check the oil level of the oil sub-barrel

In summer, you should pay attention to check the position of the oil in the oil level mirror on the oil sub-drum. If you find that the oil level is lower than the mark, you should stop and refuel in time to prevent high temperatures.

2. Pay attention to the service life of the coolant

The user should also pay attention to the service life of the coolant, and replace the coolant in time when it exceeds the usage time to avoid the deterioration of the coolant and cause the high temperature of the machine.

3. Be sure to choose Ingersoll Rand genuine coolant

Ingersoll Rand coolant is tailored to the operating conditions of Ingersoll Rand air compressors. It has excellent cooling performance and effectively avoids coolant coking. Inferior coolants are not only likely to cause high temperature in air compressors, but also will Damage to the main unit of the air compressor, causing serious failures such as the main unit locking.

Tip 3. Avoid filter clogging

In summer, the use time and working status of air filter, oil filter and oil content should be checked in time to ensure that the use time is not exceeded and there is no blockage.

1. Air filter clogging will cause low intake pressure and increase the load of the air compressor.

2. The clogging of the oil core will increase the fuel consumption and increase the load of the air compressor;

3. The clogging of the oil filter will cause insufficient oil injection from the main engine. The air compressor cannot fully exchange heat with the coolant due to the heat, and slowly forms a high temperature.

Tip 4. Avoid blockage of the cooler

For air-cooled air compressor

1. After the cooler is working for a long time, dust will accumulate on the cooler, which will reduce the cooling effect. Therefore, please pay attention to clean the cooler dust in time and keep it clean.

2. For water-cooled air compressors

If the water cooler does not dig for a long time, many impurities and dirt in the cooling water will form scales, resulting in insufficient cooling water flow and reduced heat exchange efficiency, resulting in high temperature failure of the air compressor. Please pay attention to improve the quality of cooling water, use demineralized water, and timely check and clean the cooling tube bundle to ensure that the air compressor works normally.




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