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Atlas Copco Oil-lubricated Screw Compressor G (VSD) & GX

Crownwell Shanghai started the business as a close partner of Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand since 2006, our sales team can provide you competitive price with high quality products, our customer supporting team will get all your orders fulfilled on time and provide you excellent aftersales service.

Atlas Copco Oil-lubricated compressors

G oil-injected air compressors

G compressors bring you outstanding sustainability, reliability and performance, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. This range provides you with the compressed air solution that perfectly matches your requirements with clear value propositions. Built to perform even in the harshest environments, these compressors keep your production running efficiently.

Atlas Copco Oil-lubricated compressors

•G 2-5/G 7-11/G 15-22/G 30-45/G 55-90/G 55-75V (2.2-90 kW / 3-120 hp)

G2 G5 G7 G11 G15 G22 G30 G45 G55 G55VSD G75 G75VSD G90

•G 110-250 (110-250 kW / 150-340 hp)

Atlas Copco Oil-lubricated compressors

G110 G132 G160 G200 G250

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  No.8, Lane 800 Yanghui Rd., Shanghai 201314 China
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