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Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers and line Filters

Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers and line Filters
  • Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers and line Filters
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Ingersoll Rand Air Receiver and Filters


Crownwell Shanghai started the business as a close partner of Atlas Copco and Ingersoll Rand since 2006, our sales team can provide you competitive price with high quality products, our customer supporting team will get all your orders fulfilled on time and provide you excellent aftersales service.

We can supply all below series Ingersoll Rand Air Dryers and Air Filters:

·       Externally Heated Desiccant Dryers 4.2-226 m3/min, 150-8,000 cfm

Model: EH150, EH200, EH250, EH300, EH400, EH500, EH600, EH800, EH1000, EH1200, EH1500, EH1800, EH2100, EH3000, EH4000, EH5000, H6000, EH8000

·       F-Series Filters

Model: FA30I, FA40I, FA75I, FA110I, FA150I, FA190I, FA230I, FA400I, FA490I, FA600I, FA800I, FA1000I, FA1200I, FA1560I, FA1830I, FA2300I, FA2700I

·       Heatless Desiccant Dryers 2.5-142 m3/min, 800-5,000 cfm

Model: HL90, HL120, HL160, HL200, HL250, HL300, HL400, HL500, HL600, HL800, HL1000, HL1200, HL1500, HL1800, HL2100, HL2700, HL3300, HL4000, HL5000

·       Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 0.2-8 m3/min, 7-212 cfm

Model: D12IN, D18IN, D25IN, D42IN, D54IN,D72IN, D108IN, D144IN, D180IN, D300IN, D360IN

·       Non-cycling Refrigerated Dryers 5.7-22.7 m3/min, 200-800 cfm

Model: D340IN, D420IN, D510IN, D680IN, D850IN, D1020IN, D1190IN, D1360IN

·       Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers 28.3-68-m3/min, 1,000-2,400 cfm

Model: D1700IN, D2040IN, D2720IN, D3400IN, D4080IN

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